Psalms 103:2
Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits


Out of the abundance of a reflective heart comes genuine thanksgiving. The world is so full of things to do next that we mostly forget to reflect on the past. It is sometimes good to sit down and count your blessings. Reflect on what God has done for you over the years.


The truth is many of your achievements as an individual could have gone the other way but God did it for you. The fact that you are alive is a reflection of God’s goodness and mercy. The fact that you go out and come back daily shows that God is good.


I sometimes think about those who have been victims of unfortunate circumstances and I realized none of them planned for such. The psalmist encouraged us to bless the Lord and not forget His benefits. I challenge you to take some time within the next 7 days and reflect on God’s goodness and mercy. Also, take some time and thank Him for all the benefits you enjoy daily.